Limoncello's plans fundraisers to rebuild Albanian school
Jazz brunch, Albanian culture night, and more will help raise money for school that burned down in 2014

Carly Glasse (Photo by Geri Corey)

By Geri Corey
GOSHEN — Back in 2014, a fierce fire demolished parts of Trebisht, a small village in Albania. A school that provided learning for 50 children burned down. Some parts of the foundation remained, but not the school building.
“The government doesn’t have a lot of money and is faced with other issues, so essentially there’s no money to rebuild the school,” said Carly Glasse, a manager at Limoncello’s restaurant, located on Main Street in the Village of Goshen. “The government promised that if we rebuild the school, the government will be able to staff it and give supplies."
With this challenge in mind, Glasse, with restaurant support, decided to do something about this devastating situation.
Joining forces with Bright Light Volunteers, a fully recognized nonprofit organization, Glasse, and a group of volunteers, will journey to the Village of Trebisht in August to rebuild the school and offer hope to the residents.
But to do this, they’re looking for support from the community. Through fundraising, they’re hoping to collect $80 thousand to cover costs.
To accomplish their goal of rebuilding the school, 20 volunteers, including co-workers, friends ,and customers, are going to Trebisht for 10 days. They’ll work alongside skilled workers, like carpenters and electricians. The group of volunteers will live with local residents, giving them a small compensation for housing and food.
According to Glasse, “We have quite a list of upcoming events that you will enjoy and will help to familiarize you with Albania,” a country located on the southeastern section of Europe’s Balkan Peninsula, bordering Macedonia.
Upcoming events Sunday, Feb. 11. Jazz Brunch, 12 noon at Limoncello at the Orange Inn. Three-course brunch, featuring Josh Rutner’s “The Royal Me Quartet.” $35 prepaid, $60 couple. Call (845) 294-1880 for advance tickets or stop in the restaurant.
Monday, Feb. 19. Have a meal at Buffalo Wild Wings, 567 Route 211 East, Middletown, and 20 percent of your bill will be donated back to benefit the school building trip. Coupons available at Limoncello’s or call 294-1880 to have it emailed to you.
Saturday, Feb. 24. Albanian Culture Night at Limoncello’s. 7 p.m. Albanian traditional foods, coffee, singers, and instruments, including the cifteli (resembles a long guitar with a distinctive sound). “This night is a real blend of American and Albanian cultures that not everyone knows much about,” Glasse commented. $75 per person.
Friday, March 2. Wine Dinner at 7 p.m. at Limoncello. Wines from R and B wines. “The wines are really good—bold flavors from California,” said Glasse. $75.
These and further events will be listed and updated on the Limoncello at the Orange Inn website:
Donations are accepted by credit card or check (make check out to Bright Light Volunteers, memo line write Tresbit Project, but mail to Limoncello) or cash by stopping in at the restaurant. All donations are tax deductible.
Limoncello at the Orange Inn is located at 159 Main St., Goshen. Its number is 294-1880.
“Poverty is not made by God, it is created by you and me when we don’t share what we have," said a famous Albanian, Mother Teresa.