Salvatore Andrew Barcia Jr. dies at age 83

Salvatore Andrew Barcia Jr. died Sunday, Jan. 21, 2018, at Orange Regional Medical Center of Middletown, N.Y. He was 83.
Son of Isabella and Salvatore Barcia Sr., he was born March 27, 1934, in Brooklyn.
His mother and father and his sister Carol eventually moved to Deer Park on Long Island, N.Y. With the help of his beloved grandparents, Pedro and Assunta Ragusi, he was raised in a small house on five acres of land along with about 1,000 chickens. He would describe his summers as fun-filled days of hitting rocks with a stick and shoveling chicken manure. Another favorite past time was teasing and playing pranks, along with his beloved sister, and partner in crime, Carol. Most of their pranks came at the expense of their unsuspecting grandparents which brought Sal and Carol fond memories of their childhood. Since both his parents worked in the garment industry in New York City, when clothing was still manufactured in the USA, he spent much of his time in close contact with his grandparents affording him the opportunity to learn of his Italian Heritage and Language. Both Sal and his father loved playing baseball and both excelled as pitchers. As a young man, he was nothing but arms and legs, the perfect body for hurling a fastball that would have rivaled Nolan Ryan's. On Sundays, years later, after the Dodgers, those bums, moved to California, spaghetti dinner would revolve around Mets baseball.
After graduating High School, he showed an interest in something new, electronics. He tells the story of going to the Army recruiting office and asking when he would be called to serve. It was a time of great national pride and Sal was eager to serve his country. After being shown a room with endless file cabinets of young men that would be called before him...he asked the recruiter, "Where do I sign?" Little did he know that this would set the course for the rest of his professional life. While learning to shoot the M1 Garand, the drill instructor came over to smack our father in the head as he was still shooting after cease fire. It seems Sal couldn't stand the noise and had put cotton balls in his ears. But the Army had bigger plans for him...Radar School. While still in the Army, he met his future wife while on leave. Sal and Frances were married for 61 years. Before their first date, Sal decided to get a haircut. Little did he know that his future father-in-law, Salvatore Curto, gave him this first-date haircut. When he arrived at Frances' house, her dad recognized his work right away and exclaimed, "Nice haircut!" While showing one of his Army buddies a picture of his beautiful girl friend, his friend asked about the other beauty in the picture. This Army buddy is now our Uncle Carmen, and the other Beauty was Frances' sister, Della A.K.A "Baby."
After the wedding, Sal and Frances moved to Utica, N.Y., for his first Job with General Electric. Their first child, Salvatore Barcia III, was the namesake of his father and both grandfathers — Sal, Sal and Sal. Next came Isabelle and then Madeline, both named after their grandmothers. They moved back to Long Island, where he worked for Republic Aviation and eventually, Grumman Aerospace where he spent 34 years and rose to the position of F-14 Engineering Manager. He was involved in the design of the radar systems for the Grumman F-14 fighter and E2-C Hawkeye which were flown by the US Navy. These planes protected our country for many years and his contribution to their design was a great source of personal pride throughout the rest of his life. His children and their families will always be able to visit the Grumman Memorial Park at Calverton, N.Y., and see Sal's name on a brick in the Grumman Walk of Honor, for his life's work.
We all have grand memories of days when all our cousins, aunts and uncles sat around the camp fires at Uncle Sal's farm house in Canajoharie, N.Y. That 100 year-old house saw great times and brought all of our families together. He will be missed by all.
He is survived by his wife, Francesca Barcia; son, Salvatore Barcia and wife, Patricia, of Ridge, N.Y.; daughters, Isabelle Murray and husband, James, of Goshen, N.Y.; Madeline Asmus and husband, Scott, of Bedford, N.H.; sister: Carol Calia of Rosedale, Md.; grandchildren, Kimberley A. McGovern and husband, Sean; Patricia Lynne McDermott and husband, William, Cassandra L. Rooney and husband, Brian; James R. Murray, Frances A. Murray, Elizabeth A. Asmus, and Francesca B. Asmus; great-grandchild, Eleanor P. Rooney; and nieces and nephews.
He was predeceased by his brother-in-law, Leonard Calia; father and mother-in-Law: Salvatore Curto and Madeline Mantione Curto; and sisters-in-law Ginger Curto, Marie Curto and Grace Mauro.
Visitation was held Jan. 27 at Donovan Funeral Home, Goshen. The funeral was held Jan. 27 at St. John's The Evangelist Church, Goshen.
Burial followed in Orange County Veteran's Memorial Cemetery, Goshen.