Friends of Sterling Forest to host talks and walks

(Photo by Pamela Chergotis)

TUXEDO — The Friends of Sterling Forest is planning the following events, to originate at the Lautenberg Visitor Center, 116 Old Forge Road, Tuxedo (unless otherwise noted):
Sunday, Feb. 4, at noon — The Friends of Sterling Forest Executive Board will meet to discuss current and upcoming projects, activities, and events. All members are welcome to attend.
Sunday, Feb. 4, at 1 p.m. — Hike: Beavers on Ice. Join Doc Bayne, educator and environmentalist, for an approximately three-mile hike to the site of a beaver lodge. Along the way, Doc will discuss what he has learned about the beavers in Sterling Forest. If the ice is safe, participants will walk on the ice out to the lodge and get an “up-close and personal” view of the beavers’ sanctuary. Crampons are recommended for walking on the ice.
Sunday, Feb. 11, at 1 p.m. — Lecture: Native Medicinal Herbs. Plant medicine has been practiced since the dawn of humankind, but its traditions have been largely lost in the modern age. Join herbalist Sarah L’Heureux for a new look at how to use healing herbs with confidence, how to grow and forage for them, and how to create an herbal medicine cabinet for your home.
Sunday, Feb. 18, at 1 p.m. — Lecture: The Chain That Saved the Colonies. Did you know a “Great Chain” was placed across the Hudson River to prevent the British from sailing upriver during the American Revolution? Did you know the links for that chain were manufactured here in Sterling Forest? Join local historian Doc Bayne for a presentation on this epic accomplishment.
Sunday, Feb. 25, at 1 p.m. — Lecture: 3D Photography. A once-popular American pastime, 3D photography is making a comeback. Brett Danzer, an avid 3D photographer, will trace the history of 3D from the daguerreotype to the present. You’ll see rare and original stereo cards in 3D, such as the building of the Brooklyn Bridge and the first subway car from 1870, along with 3D photos taken by Danzer of the Orange County area, including Sterling Forest. Participants will also learn how to make their own 3D photos. 3D glasses will be provided.
It's still hunting season. All hikers are advised to wear bright orange.
Registration is required for all programs.
For more information or to register, call 845-351-5907.
The Friends of Sterling Forest is a non-profit organization established to protect and preserve the great legacy of natural resources and historical treasures within Sterling Forest State Park. Events are open to the public and free of charge, but donations will be gratefully accepted.