Thanks for letting Legoland kill ancient sycamore

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  • This Legoland opponent at the sycamore vigil carries a poster with one of the Concerned Citizens for the Hudson Valley's top demands: let the people of the Town of Goshen decide about Legeoland (Photo by Frances Ruth Harris)

A vigil for sycamore tree cut from the Legoland New York sitein the Town of Goshen was held earlier this month by Concerned Citizens for the Hudson Valley, which wrote on its Facebook page, "Legoland killed the oldest living being in Orange County yesterday, January 10th." Although the old sycamore is gone, an appeals court judge last week issued a temporary restraining order on tree cutting at the Legoland construction site. The Concerned Citizens continue in their post:

Once upon a time, in a biodiversity area with a high priority label sat a beautiful healthy sycamore tree. This tree was older than anyone reading this. A 300-year-old giant that has seen generations of people come and go, has now been killed, murdered by an illegal proposal in Goshen. Not only is this an environmentally sensitive designated high priority area but amusement parks themselves are illegal in Goshen. Local Laws prohibit amusement parks, even Lego themed amusement parks, from operating anywhere within the town. This could not have happened without Kyle Roddey selling Legoland water because the site did not have enough water to support the massive project. This could not have happened without Doug Bloomfield, former Dupont Chemical Management, ignoring local laws that protected the residents of Goshen. The politicians are so corrupt they wrote a law where they actually wrote, "For the purposes of this law the project shall not be considered an Amusement Park but instead a Commercial Recreation Facility."

Now, an impressive being that was alive for longer than 300 years, THREE HUNDRED YEARS, was just murdered by an illegal project. Legoland's, developer Merlin Entertainments, had 520 acres but could not save ONE tree...think about that. This is exactly the kind of company we told you they were....It took almost all day and a crew of men hacking away at it for hours. The tree is so big the men looked like small children at the base of its massive stump.

Thank you Chuck Schumer, Andrew Cuomo, Steve Neuhaus and Doug Bloomfield. Thank you Lou Heimbach and Maureen Halahan; Orange County Partnership. Thank you Orange County Chamber of Commerce and Nancy Protect of the Orange County Citizens Foundation...George Lyons, Lee Bergus and Kyle Roddey. Thank you for killing Goshen and this innocent tree. Without these corrupt politicians and these "economic development" councils, this tree would still be alive.

Please donate: we have two pending lawsuits against Merlin Entertainments. #cc4hv #protectorangecounty #LegolandNY#BuiltforKids #deforestation #climatechange #stopmillennium#standwithcromwell #stopcpv

Citizens for the Hudson Valley

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