Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Chester has two competitive races, with five candidates vying for two open seats on the Chester town board, and two candidates seeking to fill one board vacancy.

Town Clerk Rep, Con, Ind Linda A Zappala

Town Justice Rep, Con, Ind Sharon Worthy-Spiegl

Town Councilman Dem Vincent Finizia

Town Councilman Dem Noel C Spencer

Town Councilman Rep, Con, Ind Robert Valentine

Town Councilman Rep, Con, Ind Brendan W Medican

Town Councilman Chester First Donald Wittekind II

Town Councilman (TFV) Rep, Con, Ind Ryan Wensley

Town Council (TFV) Chester First Walter Popailo

Rec of Taxes Rep, Con, Ind Vincent A Maniscalco


In Goshen, a Democrat is challenging the longtime Republican incumbent supervisor. Four candidates are competing for two open seats on the Goshen town board.

Town Supervisor Dem, Gre/Protect Goshen Bradley Barnhorst

Town Supervisor Rep, Con, Ind Douglas Bloomfield

Town Clerk Rep, Con, Ind Priscilla M Gersbeck

Town Councilman Dem, Con, Gre Kenneth F Newbold Sr

Town Councilman Rep, Con, Ind George M Lyons

Town Councilman Rep, Ind Richard D Florio Jr

Town Councilman Gre, Protect Goshen Annmarie Rolo

Rec of Taxes Dem Mary Sudul

Rec of Taxes Rep/Protect Goshen, Ind Judith L Andrews

Supt of Highways Rep, Con, Ind P Broderick Knoell

Source: Orange County Board of Elections: orangecountygov.com

TFV = To fill a vacancy

Rep = Republican Party; Dem = Democratic Party; Ind = Independence Party; Gre = Green Party