To the Editor:

Do you think the Lego executives have kept the Goshen Town/Planning Board up to date on the fact that it is laying off 8 percent of its total workforce by the end of this year? The New York Times reported on Sept. 6, 2017, that the layoff is due to a decline in net profits for this year, a decline in sales both nationally and internationally, increased competition from other toy makers, and the availability of a wider array of entertainment for children, especially mobile devices.

Goshen will be irreversibly changed over the next few years if Lego thrusts its muscle. Trees will be cleared and land moved and savaged, and millions of tax payer dollars will be spent on readying our roads for an additional 20,000 visitors a day. Has anyone considered what will happen if Lego’s ascendency starts to wane over the years to come, if they go belly-up and can’t keep their promises? What happens to the skeleton of an amusement park and its acres of blacktop? Maybe the stage will then be set for high-density housing.

Goshen is no place for Legoland.

C. Clemente