TippieToez: Whole Foods!

Agnes Fenwick: Shop Rite in Chester is 2 miles away what's the big deal?

cv: You'll need a supermarket in Goshen if Legoland comes to town. You'll be lucky to even get there with the traffic. Maybe the supermarket will just open from November to April. More Legoland propaganda.

esme45: A small, specialty supermarket like a Trader Joe's would so perfectly fit in Goshen and appeal to the same people that go to all the local farmer's markets in the summer months. People are looking for healthier options not always found in the larger big name stores. They want natural, more ethnic, homeopathic foods already prepared fresh. Think of all the professionals, single, elderly, people who love the juice bars, no additives, the need is wide open. As far as transportation, we are so behind in public transportation. We have Dial-A-Bus which is a great service and could use expansion. So tired of going to out of the way places to purchase natural organic honey and other delicacies. We could have people from other towns driving 20-30 minutes to Goshen. Let's turn Goshen around and let it stop being a place where people just drive through and shop somewhere else. The OCGB (Orange County Government Center) is opening up and people will be coming back in droves. They all like to eat!

Patrick Cuddy: Legoland = a supermarket? Ridiculous. A supermarket can be successful in Goshen with Goshen as it is today. The community will support it as the ease of access is great it's residents and for many surrounding towns. An amusement park will not drive the success of a supermarket; maybe a gas station, but not a supermarket.

HP: We already have 2 Italian delis/markets in the area, Roccorama and The Best of Little Italy. This Uncle G's won't be too successful because the "few" regular products they carry will be DOUBLE the price and paper goods, if they will have that, very $$$$. Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Adams. Wegman's is a good possibility also.

Al: I heard a lot of people in Goshen don't drive. Being that is the case, Goshen can use more used car lots too.