'No longer do the oceans protect us’

I am one of the World War II veterans called by Tom Browkaw “The Greatest Generation.”
Most people may interpret that to mean we “won the war.”
Yes, we won the war because 16 million people fought the Axis backed by the entire country that produced the planes, ships, guns and tanks, etc.
I think we became “The Greatest Generation” because President Franklin Roosevelt had the foresight to create the GI Bill that enabled veterans to go to college or technical schools. This act contributed to making our country strongest and wealthiest the world has ever seen.
Like it not, we are involved with foreign countries that are continually at war. Our “limited volunteer forces” have had to bear the load. Repetitive tours are the norm. No longer do the oceans protect us.
I suggest we bring back the draft. All those reaching the age of 18 must serve 2 years in the armed services of their choice.
The benefits are:
1. Paid “employment”
2. Physical conditioning
3. Discipline and espris d’ corps
4. Responsibility
5. Training/new skills
6. GI Bill for further education/skills needed for jobs post service
7. The Economy will benefit by their purchasing power/sales tax, etc. Local merchants at the military bases will also prosper.
In addition,we will have a large well trained fit armed force to combat any enemy, anywhere.
The cost to maintain the draft would be offset by the improved economy and purchasing power of the draftees. Consider, if we had to draft, if we entered into a major war, it would be huge.
Like the saying goes: “Pay me now or pay me later.”
Harvey S. Horn
An ex-prisoner of war