— The Actors Workshop Ensemble presents Rosecovrt, a group of talented friends bringing a unique sound to music, on April 15, at the AME Church in Warwick.

The Actors Workshop Ensemble is a new company of actors, writers and theater artists presenting new and unique works in nontraditional ways.

Last summer, the company presented two plays by Caryl Churchill, "Love and Information" and "The Skriker." This season, they are developing a community-based play entitled "Confabulation: The Notion of a Small Town," based on stories collected from people living in the area.

Rosecovrt, a trio of friends, brings a mix of acoustic arrangements, and original songs and rich ethereal vocals. Accompanied by Josh Angher, Serena Loren and Emma Jean Delia’s vocals echo a romantic, dreamy quality leaving the audience mesmerized and up beat at the same time. There is an experimental, new feeling to their music that is a nice surprise today where everything is overly manufactured.

This is the first in a series of pop-up events to look forward to this spring and summer. Seating only 50 people, the theater is an intimate setting for music. Refreshments are available helping make for a casual evening of great new music.

The AME Church is owned and maintained by the Warwick Historical Society. The AWE Theater (The AME Church) is located at 9 Forester Ave in Warwick.

Tickets are $10. The performance is at 8 p.m.

For information and to order tickets, call 845-978-1776 or visit the web site at www.paulellisproducer.com.