To the Editor:

This past week every newspaper reported that Merlin/Legoland had solved their traffic dilemma by proposing an off ramp from Rt. 17. This is not a solution but another lie and more of their propaganda.

Here are the questions that everyone should be asking. Has the NYS Department of Transportation (DOT) made an announcement that Merlin’s plans have been approved? If the new off-ramp is approved, will the DOT immediately start the project and have it done before Legoland opens? Who is going to pay the $60 million for a personal off-ramp for Legoland? Will we get a referendum to take a town wide vote on paying for this new ramp for Legoland?

Merlin proposes a mitigation plan and the problem is solved just like that. They are stating that one off ramp will alleviate the problem of backed-up traffic on Harriman Drive and South Street. Not all 6,000 to 10,000 cars a day are going to use their one off ramp. Cars will be coming from all directions and Harriman Drive and South Street will still have traffic backup problems.

The monumental problems Merlin has to overcome to build Legoland in Goshen do not have any solutions. My solution: build Legoland somewhere else where it would be more suitable.

Lillian Swingle