NEW YORK — "Under Jakob's Ladder," an independent feature film shot in Chester and Monroe, is now released on DVD.

The movie tells the story of Jakob, played by Jeff Stewart, who is caught in the middle of what turns out to be a deadly game of chess. His opponent is the head of a Soviet prison who has an old score to settle. The location of the movie is the Soviet Ukraine. But the actual principal filming location was Chester, New York.

"We filmed at various locations in the Chester and Monroe areas," said Producer Roberto Munoz. "The funeral scene, which is key to plot, takes place in the Greycourt Cemetery on Route 94. Museum Village in Monroe was the site where we filmed the outdoor shots of Jakob's village. The list goes on.

"It's always a challenge to make a location look like it was filmed in another country in another decade," says Munoz. "But overall, we're pleased with the result. Plus, filming in Chester was a delight. The people were really great to work with."

Munoz also recalled the involvement of a myriad of area residents including Associate Producer Steve Roe, Leif and Inge Laakso, Lee Squires Sussman, Bill and Lisa Scheuermann to name a few.

"We had some excellent background actors from the area as well, too many to name, playing everything from the school children and villagers to prison guards and prisoners," said Munoz. And that doesn't even count the role of Marta, the actress playing Jakob's young granddaughter, which was portrayed by Chester's Chloe Roe.

CubeCity Entertainment is teaming up with distributor Bridgestone Multimedia to bring the award-winning film, which garnered awards at the Manhattan Film Festival and Redemptive Film Festival, out on DVD.

The "Under Jakob's Ladder" DVD is available through the film's official Web site,