Karalyn Bruntfield planted the Hope Garden project at Goshen High School in memory of her friend, Juan Pablo Ramirez, who died in May 2010 at the age of 16. Karalyn is a 2012 graduate of the high school. Of the Hope Garden, Karalyn said: "Rest in peace, Juan. You deserve this, and I did it all for you. Everybody should have hope in life no matter how hard it may get. Just know there is hope. I wish I could have to you that sooner and you didn't have to go the way you did. I guess god needed an angel." The garden now says "HOPE" in river rocks, and next spring it will be abundant with an array of perennial flowers. Karalyn's mom, Laurie Bruntfield, and fiancee, Jordan Powlus, helped with the project.